Jolla tablet can get better…

After a furious start which brought more than 1.2 Mio. USD already, Jolla decided to add some intermediate targets which will bring some desirable upgrades to the Jolla tablet.

First goal will be reached at 1.5 Mio. USD and will increase SD Card compatibility from now 32GB max. to then 128GB max.

Next goal will be reached at 1.75 Mio. USD and will bring the split screen mode from software-side (I hope and trust this will be in any case added later if this target is not reached).

Last goal will be reached at enormous 2.5 Mio. USD and would bring an optional upgrade to 3.5G mobile connectivity for an additional 30 USD price.

The above are all from the most supported suggestions from and show, how much Jolla is listening. Apart from that also many other ideas are already discussed there and I am sure they will bring a great tablet experience.

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