Adware approaching Jolla…

Zeichnung-4Wow… just found my first ad on Jolla… and, by the way, placed directly in my lockscreen… that is truly somehow disturbing.

But the full story. Yesterday I found a new app in warehouse, so called „Quickbar BETA“ which brings the icons of the latest few used apps to the lockscreen for quick access. Basically a nice idea which I strongly support. Putting some functionality to the lock screen, which is basically unused at the moment, is definitely something that should be brought forward.

So, I installed this pretty quickly, started the app and „voilá“, it worked quite nice. Still some minor disadvantage, e.g. the icons were resistant in there place for a second or so when swiping to home screen, which just isn’t that nice, however, seemed like something with potential.

Then I tried to tap one of these icons. And what happened? At the top of my lock screen, where the pulldown menue indicator is, an Ad appeared. Localized. A German Ad. What should I say, I was shocked! I mean. Being used to android I can live with in app advertisement, BUT first of all, the step to Jolla was somehow also to get rid of that Ad-floodings on Android and second is, that putting something on my lock screen definitely is something completely different! Having it localized, so obviously reading at least basic user data, is intruding my privacy. I immediately uninstalled that app – frankly speaking, I considered even to do a factory reset to make sure that definitely NOTHING is left from this app.

Double bad it was, as at the start the Ads were not even mentioned in the description of the App. Meanwhile this changed and the Dev talks about „non intrusive Ads“ to support his work. Now: WHAT could be more intrusive than a personalized Ad placed directly on my lock screen without telling me before?!?

Well – meanwhile this is a little bit discussed in open repos and it seems the dev is open for other ways to go… I will follow this up.

In any case this means, that from today one needs to take care double, what to install from open repos. I hope there will be some good and distinctive indication of Adware in warehouse soon to make this easy.

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2 Gedanken zu „Adware approaching Jolla…

  1. Hi also 🙂
    Yay, I follow the discussion in Open Repos to see. As said above, the App itself is quite cool. Lockscreen is definitely a place that can use some functionality.
    What I think is that especially the fact that the add is approaching not „in App“ but on top of the Lock screen makes it somehow even more „scary“. Moreover you’ll find that many people chose Jolla because they don’t trust the established OS’s for privacy reasons… so especially experiencing that „localized“ ads are coming to the Jolla will for sure keep some people from using the App…

    So hopefully you’ll find some different way to get the support you need… Ads in my opinion are not the best way to do so… Anyhow. Good luck with your App(s?) and thanks for coming in here and giving your comment 🙂


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