Jolla keeps on rockin‘

Nearly one year after introducing the Jolla phone, Jolla now announced a crowdfunded tablet to come early next year. Giving a teaser on Slush 2014 the corwdfunding started this wednesday with a target of 380k USD to be funded.

(Clip from youtube)

What shall I say. 4 days later Jolla already collected more than 300% of the target. Yes, the community funded more than 1 Million USD to make the Jolla tablet happen and at the same time, is exploding with comments, ideas and feature requests for the tablet.

The Jolla Tablet will come with a 7.85″ screen at 330dpi, WiFi connectivity and SailfishOS 2.0 on board. Final price is announced to be 249,- USD whilst during crowdfunding campaign perks at reduced cost, at the moment 229,- USD incl. shipping, are offered. Tablets should ship around May 2015.

Of course I jumped into this campaign and now I am eagerly waiting to hold this thing in hands, curious to see, how it will feel and look like in the end. It will be just as exciting as the months we awaited Jolla phone in 2013 I hope.

Find the crowdfunding campaign here:

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